Topic 4: Does Life Insurance Policy Provide Coverage Against Coronavirus?

The current outbreak of Coronavirus (Also known as COVID-19) has gathered a lot of awareness and attention. This outbreak has been huge and has impacted the lives of people worldwide. As the whole world is in fear of this new-born virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also declared it as a pandemic. As per the current statistics, COVID-19 has infected almost 2 lakh people and the death toll has raised up to 11,421 worldwide. Based on the information given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in India, 275 people have been tested positive of COVID-19 and 5 people have died. It is reported that coronavirus symptoms are the same as sore throat, fever, common cold, which can lead to pneumonia in critical cases. As it is a newfound infection, no cure or vaccination is available as of now. COVID-19 is fatal primarily in the case of people who are above the age of 60 years and those who have a pre-medical condition.

With the rapidly increasing cases of Coronavirus, an obvious question that we need to know the answer is; will a life insurance policy provide coverage in case of the demise of the insured person due to coronavirus? Also, will a person be eligible to buy a life insurance plan after contracting the virus? To answer these questions of our readers, here we have discussed about it in detail.

For the Existing Policyholders of Life Insurance Policy

If a person passes away due to COVID-19 has a life insurance policy, then the beneficiary of the policy will receive the death benefit as a sum assured amount. The beneficiary or nominee needs to know that the death caused by any health-related issues is generally covered under a life insurance policy including the term insurance as well. This means that the beneficiary of the policy can claim for the death benefit in case of the demise of the insured during the tenure of the policy due to any eventuality including COVID-19. According to the experts, the existing policyholders are covered under the policy. However, some life insurance plans have exclusion for a definite cause of death, demise due to coronavirus infection will be covered if an individual has an existing life insurance plan. Thus, in the rare case if a person dies from a pandemic illness then the nominee of the policy will receive the death benefit. 

If a Person Gets Policy Now, Will It Cover Coronavirus?

If a person plans to buy a life insurance policy in this day and age, then they should remember that the premium of the policy is determined by the insurer on basis of the health and medical history of the policy buyer. Hence, it is quite reasonable to reckon that a global health crisis like COVID-19 can have some impact on the premiums of the policy or policy acceptance if a person is currently in the stage of processing of the application. 

It is very much possible that the life insurance company may hold or even reject the policy if a person’s life insurance policy application is in process and if he/she has already been in contact with the coronavirus infection. As long as the insurance holder shows all the details correctly at the time of policy purchase, wherein he/she is not infected with the coronavirus, the insurer is liable to pay the death benefit to the nominee of the policy. The death benefit will be payable to the beneficiary, even if the insured dies due to coronavirus afterward. 

However, while purchasing a policy one must go through the exclusion in detail and know the various aspects where they will not be covered.
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