Topic 3: Myths on COVID-19 that you should stop believing

Several myths regarding the coronavirus are floating amongst people. It is crucial to not fall prey for such myths or spread them to others. To clear the air, here are the few myths on COVID-19 you should stop believing.

1.Coronavirus will not survive in Hot Weather:
COVID-19 has spread across the world even in countries with hot and humid climate, such as the UAE and Qatar. This proves that the coronavirus can spread in a hot and humid climate and people in such areas also need to take precautions to stay safe from COVID-19.

2.Consuming Garlic, Pepper or Sesame seeds will protect you from COIVD-19:
Foods like garlic, pepper and sesame seeds are known to have several health benefits. However, such foods only boost your immunity and keep you healthy cannot save you from coronavirus.

3.Only Old people and not young ones can get Coronavirus:
COVID-19 can be contracted by young and elderly people alike. People of all ages including children have been tested COVID positive. Nevertheless, the elderly and young people with comorbidities are more vulnerable to get very ill due to coronavirus. Thus they should be covered under corona insurance.

4.Consuming meat can lead to COVID-19
There is no evidence showing that eating meat or non-vegetarian food can infect you with coronavirus. You just need to ensure that the meat you consume is properly cleaned and cooked completely.

5.COVID-19 infects you for Life
Most people diagnosed with COVID-19 have been cured completely and have freed their bodies of the virus. Hence, you should not believe that if you contract coronavirus, it will stay in your body all your life.

The world is already facing tough times all because of COVID-19 pandemic. In such times, the least you can do is take precautionary measures and get covered under corona insurance. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves from wrong information and not spread these myths about coronavirus.

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